When I was young my mum always used to treasure all of our little drawings, our first pairs of shoes, our school books, the cards we gave her, the things we made – you name it, she’d save it.

I have somewhat of a tendency to burn my bridges. When things get hard and everything changes, I change it all. You name it, I’ll get rid of it. 

Unless it helps to hide the pain, and then I’ll cling to it with more stubbornness than an ox. 

But God treasures the process. God remembers the details, holds onto the precious memories. When things get hard He knows exactly what to keep and what to change. He doesn’t forget what was good and true nor replace it for something that’s worth less. He is always working things out for our good. 

He unravels the pain and melts down the walls of stone as if they were of wax. 

And He restores what was broken, shattered and lost. 

He holds all our tears in a bottle and when the time is right He pours them out like healing rain to bring renewal and refreshing to the tired and weary land. Where it is dry and barren He brings growth and life again and colour will burst forth from the greyest and bleakest of places. 

Hallelujah, Jesus reigns. 



The problem with independency, as I guess it’s name suggests, is that it’s really just inner-focused dependency. 

All very well if we were perfect, invincible beings…

Which we’re not. 

So when we find our dependency can’t lie on our own inner man we have to turn it to something else – people, food, drugs, pleasure…

But none of these things are flawless either. That’s why we were independent in the first place right?

God never designed us to be independent because He never designed us to be disconnected from the One who is enough, who is perfect, who will never fail us nor ever leave us.

So we don’t have to react or rebel – in fact those things become kinda laughable – because all we have to do is turn to Him again, depend on Him again. 

Because He’s faithful.