Remember the Faith

Our God was so broken by the state of humanity

So overcome with love for us

That He chose to take all the guilt upon Himself

So that whoever might believe in Him

He would forever redeem from death

And give life in the age to come

Where there will be no sickness, no pain

No sorrow or shame.


And as a promise of this, to those who believe

He now gives the Holy Spirit within us

That we might begin to walk in His righteousness

And so store up for ourselves unsearchable treasures in the coming days.


The testings of this life are the proving of our faith and desire for Him:

The very walk of love which He walked for us

And even now, walks with us

As we are made one with Him.





Are these streets are own?

If we wanted to be free could we even be?

Are we channelled by a stream
Of economy and greed
Or are we living in a paradise
Of choices?

You see
I don’t see the joy that comes with freedom
The liberty of living in the light
When this world comes crashing down
Will our hearts they still be found?
Or be they buried ‘neath the wreckage
Of it all?

I want to find the rock of life’s real meaning
Dependancy on something that is free
Will I leave the world behind
As I step out almost blind?
Into justice, into mercy
Into love.


I can feel this wave of excitement stir within me
As faith begins to bubble up again.

What hid it away in the first place?
Who cares, I’m pressing on this time.

Eyes fixed forward, heart engaged
I’ll run this race, the prize unveiled.

The reason that I’m living
Full of love, no trace of fear.
Standing firm and just believing
No matter what may pass my way.

I’m fully sought after, fully adored
Fully provided for, fully made whole

My life is hid away from here
In heights of untouched glory
So lead me on and take me there
Through fire, through flame, my story.

Faith Expressed as Love

Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we cannot see.

And faith is credited to us as righteousness.

So we know that we are washed clean in the blood of Jesus, we are healed by His wounds and delivered by His sacrifice.

We know that we are fully provided for by our Father in Heaven, as we seek first the Kingdom of Heaven.

So we don’t need to look to ourselves or the needs and desires of the flesh because to focus on those things is foolishness. Our Father knows what we need before we even ask and the pursuit of evil only leads to death.

The only way is the way of Jesus, the way of His divine and sacrificial love.

Of His selfless affection: made strong in His righteousness, secured by the leading of the Holy Spirit within us.


That is how the world will know us.

By our love.

Unpredictable, Untold

Springtime really is such a beautiful season. It seems to fall upon us so suddenly, bursting up from the ground where there was only dirt and decay before.


As I went walking along the hilltop the other day, I was so touched by the sense of Jesus’ love for me.


He was so sweetly ministering to my hurting, fragile soul.

I was reminded that, though his anger may flare up in a moment, so His unfailing love can completely overwhelm anything I thought I knew in that moment.

He is utterly unsearchable. The most profound of mysteries.

I have walked through a dark valley this last year. And in His righteousness He has disciplined me harshly for the waywardness of my own soul. But as I now stand in trembling before Him – His wisdom so enormous in my eyes – His unfailing love and tenderness speak sweet whispers to my heart.

Leading me on, leading me out.


Don’t limit yourself Bride of Christ. The day you said yes to Him is the day you began the greatest adventure of your life…